Top 8 Reasons You Should Buy from a Local, Family Owned Business

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In no particular order, here are the top 8 reasons you should buy from our family owned and operated company.

  1. Product diversity. We don’t answer to a corporate headquarters out of state. We get to choose what is right for our customers, in our area. Meaning, that door on display at the big box or on that glossy brochure from big-name was chosen for you from someone out-of-state, and probably a bit out of touch – more concerned with their corporate bottom line than what is best for your home, budget, and climate.


  1. We can’t afford to fall behind. We compete with other area businesses – including the big names and box stores – to bring you the very best, because we want to get and keep your business. Interestingly, we provide better service, better quality, and even tend to beat their prices again and again (even with their enticing coupons) on replacement windows, doors, and more.


  1. Money in your community. We work and live here, too. And, so do our employees. We pay property taxes on our business and homes and enrich the local community. You might just see one of our kids at a rec soccer game.


  1. Local jobs. Simply put, we create local jobs, and provide better wages and benefits than the big names.


  1. We get the details right. All too often we get visits from customers who have gotten their window or door order from a big name, and it was riddled with errors. Rather than even trying to straighten it out, they get their refund and drive over to us. We’ve seen it a thousand times. Let’s commiserate and then come up with a solution.


  1. Local involvement. We are actively involved in the community, and keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on in our neighborhoods. We’re the guys talking regularly about employment, taxes, and community outreach. We know the local politicians and speak up when we know matters to our families and customers.


  1. Energy efficiency. It’s simple. We’re smaller and use less energy than those big names. We personally pay the utility bills and care about keeping our environmental impact as low as possible, for the sake of the environment and our bottom line.


  1. Owner on site. Our owner is physically here Monday-Friday and ready to help, all you have to do is ask. With over 40 years of construction experience, there’s no customer service department that can compare.

Give us a shot! We’d love to hear about your next project!

Erika Addie, Partner

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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Windows


The winter can certainly leave dirt and residue on your windows. And during those dark winter months, you probably didn’t care too much. But now, the sun is shining and nature is offering a gorgeous display of buds and sprouts that beckon us to look outside. With an easy cleaning fix, your windows can really invite the eye outside.

Cleaning your windows requires different approaches depending on your type of windows. If you are lucky enough to have windows that tilt in for cleaning, this job can be a breeze. If not, that’s okay – let’s just make sure you have the right tools, tips, and tricks.

How do I clean my windows from the outside?

Arm yourself with a bucket, a squeegee, a mop, a detergent, and a scraper. You’ll also find it helpful to have rags, a ladder, and extension poles depending on the size of your windows.

  1. Fill a bucket with cool water (believe it or not window cleaning professionals recommend cold because it doesn’t evaporate as quickly and cold) and a couple squirts of detergent. Many pros recommend the kind you would use for your dishes.
  2. Immerse a mop into your cleaning solution and rub the wet mop onto the glass. You’ll want to use a scraper on stubborn spots.
  3. Squeegee the solution off of the glass. This certainly takes some practice. Don’t worry about trying the process again if you’re left with streaks.
  4. For what is left behind, use a rag to get rid of any leftover water marks. Make sure your rag won’t leave behind lint and dust. Microfiber works great.

How do I clean my windows from the inside?

In our experience, nothing works quite as well as trusty Windex and a Microfiber rag. If you have windows that tilt in for cleaning, work from top to bottom. The glass that faces the outside will likely be the most dirty, so use a dirtier rag on the first pass, leaving your cleanest rag for the final clean.

A great tip is to try to clean your windows on a cloudy day. Why? Warm sunshine tends to dry your cleaning solution too quickly, leaving streaks.

8 Tips for Saving Energy in the Winter Months


This time of year, we are all a bit more motivated to consider the energy efficiency of our homes. Whether it’s because our toes are cold or we’re just shocked at our rising utility bills, the fact of the matter is that much of our heat escapes our home from drafty doors and windows. But, alas – there is hope. Below are 8 tips to reduce your energy usage and keep comfortable in your home this winter.

  1. Remember the sun. Whenever the sun in shining, open up your blinds and curtains on your south-facing windows to invite in the sun’s warming rays. On the flip side, when the sun goes down, remember to close your window coverings to keep as much heat inside.
  2. Put on some socks. Those big knit sweaters and warm socks are winter fashion must-haves for a reason. Put on some extra layers, make sure there are plenty of throw blankets handy, and don a fashionable scarf.
  3. Don’t forget the fans. While we initially think of fans for use in the hot Summer months, your home’s fans can help circulate heat as well. Make sure you set them clockwise and on low in the winter to push hot air down, into the room – where you want it most.
  4. Set your thermostat cooler at night. Once you and your family are bundled up in bed, set your thermostat down about 10 to 15 degrees while you sleep. Make sure there are extra blankets on beds, and consider investing in cozy flannel sheets.
  5. Heat the areas of the house that you commonly use and close off the rest. In rooms that you rarely use, shut the heating vents to redirect the flow of air.
  6. Mind your furnace and vents. Even though they won’t remind you, your furnace and vents need proper maintenance. Believe it or not, you should be checking your furnace filter monthly and replacing it when it seems grungy.
  7. Plug in a humidifier. While this can be great for winter noses, a humidifier also moistens the air – which holds heat better than dry air and feels warmer.
  8. DIY insulation. While you may need a pro to tackle larger insulation projects, your local home improvement store will have weather stripping kits for your windows and doors. These kits are inexpensive and super easy to do on your own.

With these simple fixes, you can be warmer in your home and spending less on energy, even if you’re not quite ready to shop for replacement windows and doors.

How To Fix Drafty Windows and Doors


If you have older windows and doors, keeping your home warm during the wintry months can be a bit daunting. Believe it or not, roughly 10-25% of a home’s heat is lost though the windows. The best the to do would be to invest in replacement windows and doors, but even if you aren’t ready to replace with new, there are a few tricks that can keep more of your heat indoors (where you want it) this season.

  1. Rope caulk. This cool stuff can be molded to the shape of the gap, and removed when it gets warmer outside.
  2. Shrink film. This clear plastic sheet shrinks onto a surface when applied with a hair dryer. The film can serve to seal the window from drafts.
  3. Draft snake. You can find draft snake kits at just about any home improvement store. You simply place the foam/fabric snake on the window sill and shut the window.
  4. V-seal weather stripping. What’s great about V-seal weather stripping is that you have the freedom of operating the window even once in place. This plastic weather stripping is applied along the sides of window sashes.
  5. Replace existing putty. Many older window panes are held together with glazing putty that can fall apart and crack over time. For just a few dollars and some practice, you remove the old putty and apply new.

For a true, long-term fix, you’ll want to replace your old windows, and is a job for the pros. Luckily, we can help you find a window just right for your home and budget. Many of our windows come standard with Low E and Argon Gas, meaning you’ll enjoy even greater energy efficiency. Let’s talk!